Karate Kid

This  48" x 48" oil painting was inspired by a curly-headed little boy who belongs to one of my favorite nieces, Kara. She takes the most insightful and soulful photographs of her gorgeous children and this work is the result of my engagement with her work. So much of my life I have been drawn to shorelines, of lakes and streams, oceans and rivers. I was born on an island and grew up on a brook, and can never resist  wading in. I love the self-absorption of this little guy as he balances so carefully over the water. The original painting went to a collector this year but prints of it on canvas, paper or metal are available at https://bit.ly/2J89fvt

To help you visualize how this painting will look in your home, be sure to check out the Live Preview and Wall Preview features on my website, https://www.honeypondstudio.com