Spring I

This is a 22" x 30" drawing on paper from a series I did based upon vintage photos I find in junk stores. I regularly make the rounds at my favorite places that sell discarded stuff. I like the stores that aren't good enough to be called antique stores. I want there to be a great mix of truly horrible things with very peculiar weird things mixed in---a treasure hunt that I find relaxing and inspiring. Often there will be a box full of old family photos. I always wonder what route they took to wind up in a dusty old bin surrounded by this and that. Someone's memories, but that someone is long gone. This little fellow from my mother's era caught my eye. In his dapper little outfit and homemade haircut, his leather shoes and shortipants, he looked like happy new life to me.I paired him with a puppy who seemed to match the mood of eternal springtime from the faded past. Prints of this nostalgic piece in various media are available at https://bit.ly/2N7adcx

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