The Constituents: The Red Clown

This 24"x24" oil painting was inspired by a tiny toy lead figure, part of a collection I have of pre-war lead figures. Most of them come from England and France. More familiar are the lead soldiers, but I collect common folk--farmers and merchants and children and animals. This guy is my favorite. I love his stance, his two swinging arms and his rusty and peeling patina that makes me think of tiny hands of long-ago children. 
His usual companion is a boxing kangaroo, represented by the parade of silhouettes in the background,

This painting is part of a solo show of sculpture and painting in its last week at Roswell's Art Center West. (I made a 12" tall sculpture of both the clown and the kangaroo which are also on view there.) Prints in many sizes and media are available at 

To help you visualize how this painting will look in your home, be sure to check out the Live Preview and Wall Preview features on my website.