The Scout

This 36"x36" oil painting was a commission for a friend from childhood who saw my recent work and contacted me on social media. She had a favorite photo of her two little boys and she wanted to know if I would consider making a painting of it. The funny thing was that I had seen this photo many years before and I loved it and remembered thinking at that time that I would love to paint it. In recent years I have been interested in vintage family photographs I find in antique stores or in archives from my own extended family, so this commission fit well with what I have been doing. As an added bonus, it also touched on my interest in the west, in cowboys and horses and western themes and landscapes.

I love the intensity of the little scout and the tentative nature of the masked man. It brings to mind the fun of Halloween and of my own children's forays into the costume box.

The original painting is on its way to its new home. Want to buy a print?
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